Everything I need to know, I heard it on the radio

  • For Radio Stations

I can offer advice on all aspects of engaging with an audience to existing radio stations (commercial, community, hospital, student), looking to sharpen their output and make it more relevant and deliver higher listenership - with a specific focus on localism, brand definition and targeting, use of speech content and use of social media/multi-media.

Affordable, bespoke workshops, group sessions and one-on-one tutoring are available to help news teams develop style and a distinctive voice that fits within station parameters.

Radio Consultancy
& Media Training

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  • For Business & Community Groups

I can identify how your organisation can use radio effectively and provide advice and assistance in making this happen: to drive up awareness, increase revenue, boost membership etc. This can be achieved through advertising, but also editorial opportunities which I can identify.

  • For Schools / Colleges

A tried and tested series of workshops for students are available, ranging from engaging one-off talks, to hands-on multi-session practical projects where participants contribute to making a radio programme of their own.